Two Weeks in, 50 to Go

My thoughts two weeks into the project (…

Honestly, I have failed to draw much attention thus far to the “Speak to Us” project. I still feel that it is the single most important social experiment in history. Further, I am sure that based on the available evidence on the expectations of theistic gods as outlined in the various “holy books”, this is exactly the sort of action that a personal god would feel compelled to answer (or strike me dead for^^), with the proviso that there actually is one. Additionally, given the increasing number of atheists and non-church affiliated believers/agnostics (generally categorized in religion as “none”), any theistic god would have to be completely uncaring towards its number of adherents to ignore a chance like this to say to an attentively waiting crowd, “Yes, it’s me.”

What I see is complete cowardice. I am sure that religious people, no matter how deluded they might be in some of the more extreme sects, understand that their whole faith, excepting those general dharma-type deists, is premised on the idea that at some point their god spoke to at least one human, and usually quite a lot more, according to their own holy texts. Therefore, it is foolhardy, and ignorant, for them to say that their god has plans nobody can understand or that it will not be challenged. Of course it will be challenged – everyday one of its believers doubts its existence, such as when a tragedy or personal setback occurs. Further, people leave religion or switch religions everyday, and nothing happens to them in specific to show that any gods are keeping track of apostasy (though some governments do, which makes me wonder why they think they have the right to kill without an overtly, direct order from their god). Finally, if an almighty personal god, who had a view of and interest in all things, really did not want me to conduct this project, I never would have been allowed to do so… I would either not have existed, or been struck down at some point. Yet, here I am, questioning your beliefs, not my own. Nonetheless, I am open to an overt announcement that the whole of humanity can experience, and indeed in some sense would welcome it.

That brings us to the proud atheists, and, to some degree, agnostics. You are as cowardly as the religious folks as far as I can see. So far, you have insulted me and disregarded the basis of the experiment, without even thinking of the good that it could do, regardless of the direction it takes. If you are absolutely atheists, you should not mind a little test of your faith, as it were. Granted, science has slowly pushed the mythos of any personal god into the metaphorical “cracks”. However, it still has not contended with the seemingly universal need most people have to be subordinate to something greater themselves, which in most cultures is represented by some deity. We do have a conundrum in that no matter how disparate societies might have previously been in regards to geography, they almost all had a theistic god. If, as you say, it is necessary to move people away from ignorant beliefs, calling them idiots is bound to work as well as their telling you that you are going to hell. That sort of caustic animosity only entrenches people further in retaliation to a perceived or real slight. If you want to put this issue to bed, if not once and for all time, but for the vast majority of those who only adhere to religion as a social more, you need to at least try to understand their perspective. Not everybody can stand alone in the universe, so most pledge themselves to a religion, government, organization or idea. Being an atheist is a lonely place at times, so you can understand that maybe a helping hand might be beneficial in supporting your cause, instead of the usual derogatory remarks. Finally, you may be wrong.

Yet, after this project, whatever the result, I am sure that one side or the other will have the high ground. Not participating is a just a weak way of ignoring the possible repercussions to your side of the issue. Therefore, I urge you to take a few seconds on January 20, 2020 at 14:00 (2pm) GMT to simply say, “Speak to Us.” Thank you.


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