“Speak to Us.” – January 20, 2020 14:00 (2pm) GMT

Do you want to know if there is a theistic god? Many people around the world believe there is, and follow the word of books they consider to be holy. However, if these books are true, the gods do not seem to do any overt speaking now. Therefore, I have organized an experiment…

On January 20, 2020 at 14:00 (2pm) GMT, everybody in the world should simply say, or pray (if that is your choice): “Speak to us.”

You can say it any language you wish, face in any direction you want, or make any gesture you desire when you speak. We only need to do this at approximately the same time, so that billions of people can call to their god in order to finally receive an absolute answer, available to every person in a direct way, not a personal revelation – a globally observable one.

People may argue that their god has a plan, and she may choose to remain silent because she does not need to prove anything. However, if he took the time in the past to dictate a holy text, I am sure that a denial of this request we make now means there are no theistic gods, and any excuse by believers in organized religions would just be another “god in the cracks” argument. I am quite sure that any theistic god would be joyous at such an occasion to prove that it is the true god in front of billions of its creations, all attentively waiting, hoping, praying.

This is not to say that there are no deistic gods if no answer is made, simply that theistic ones are not likely if there is no clear answer at the time billions of people call to them. Personally, I love the idea of a god that takes an active role in the lives of humans, though I think it highly unlikely. However, I am willing to try this, and I just ask you – all of humanity – to join me in this great experiment.

Share this with your friends and acquaintances. Add it to your posts: #speakgods, #godexperiment, #answerus, and so forth. I shall be updating this website from time to time, trying to add the statement in multiple languages, as well as setting up social media pages, all to bring as many people as possible into this experiment.

About me… My name is Jack (Bryce) Combs, and I am nobody, quite literally nobody, merely an average person who works as a teacher of English. I may add some more details later, but my status as being wholly unimportant to anybody but my family should be enough to let you know that I simply want to have a question answered, one that a lot of people ask in these days of science and technology. I shall be waiting eagerly for all of you at the appointed time.

Call for help translating this page… I ask any of you who have translation skills to translate this page into any language you feel comfortable with, and then e-mail your translation to speakgods@yahoo.com …please no Google translations. Thank you.


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